How to relieve neck pain when looking up?

Use ice for the first 48 to 72 hours, then use heat after that. Heat can be applied with hot showers, hot compresses, or a heating pad. Make sure you don't fall asleep with a heating pad or ice pack in place to avoid injury to your skin. For some, neck pain is the result of poor posture, while for others neck pain may be the direct result of a car accident or other injury that causes the neck to shake quickly, the experience also known as whiplash.

He's a weird person with a neck problem who says, “Oh, yes, I can work at a computer for hours every day and not let my neck bother me. Working with your physical therapist with practical treatment and specific physical therapy exercises to address the source of chronic pain can help you live pain-free, but only if those physical therapy exercises are done well. As is the case with most chronic pain problems, the resulting persistent pain that follows you indefinitely is often more frustrating and, in some cases, even more frankly painful than the experience of the injury itself. You can treat stiff neck with stretching, over-the-counter pain relievers, and heat or ice, as well as maintaining proper posture while using your computer or phone.

The wrong type of exercise or a little stress on your neck when you are already vulnerable can cause a more serious injury and this could cause neck pain to become chronic, meaning it won't go away. If the pain is due to muscle spasm or nerve impingement, your doctor may prescribe a muscle relaxant or tricyclic antidepressant and, possibly, a stronger pain reliever than you were taking at home. If neck pain involves nerves, such as a muscle spasm that pinches a nerve or a herniated disc that presses on a nerve, you may feel numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arm, hand, or anywhere else. Self-care remains an option when treating chronic neck pain, and taking precautions such as reducing the burden on the neck by sitting more often, using improved posture, and trying other of the above-mentioned home remedies, such as muscle stretching and hot and cold therapy, can work up to a certain point, but you will need medical support to fully address this level of pain and ensure that no further injury is caused.

If the pain is due to muscle spasm or a pinched nerve, your provider may prescribe a stronger muscle relaxant or pain reliever. It's a good idea to meet with a physical therapist and go over ideal ways to deal with neck pain before trying to relieve neck pain on your own. Your doctor may prescribe stronger pain relievers than you can buy without a prescription, as well as muscle relaxants and tricyclic antidepressants to relieve pain. After sleeping badly on your neck, or after carrying something that is exceptionally heavy, there is a chance that you will develop neck pain that will hurt for a day or two, but that will gradually begin to improve until it completely disappears after a period of days or maybe weeks.

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